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Hi, My name is Amanda Adey from Auricfields Kinesiology . Thanks for stopping by and checking out my website.

Are you feeling out of sorts?

Seeking answers?

Or just want greater well-being

Kinesiology can help

What is kinesiology?

It’s a question that stumps many people – even clients who regularly go for a session!

But while kinesiology may be hard to explain, there’s no doubt that it works.

Will kinesiology help give you the motivation to lose weight? Can it assist you in letting go of a bad relationship or help in keeping a good one? Is there any chance kinesiology will help make you more confident, aid you in coming to terms with past events or assist you in coming to terms with aspects of your life today?

While too simple an answer, yes, it can. Kinesiology is not a quick fix, but it works in correcting imbalances in your body, imbalances that can easily effect aspects of your life. These imbalances can be related to many different energies in the body – be it structural, emotional, chemical, physical, or spiritual, to name a few.

Kinesiology is the art and science of energy balancing. ‘Muscle testing’ is the key technique we use, in order to communicate to the client’s body – and enabling the kinesiologist to access, detect and correct various imbalances in the body.

Kinesiology can enhance, defuse, assist and elevate many areas of your well-being. Regular clients report that it helps enormously with:

~ Defusing stress.

~ Assisting with most types of learning difficulties

 ~ Fatigue, anxiety and depression.

~ Goal development and accomplishments.

~ Alleviating fears, past traumas, habits & phobias.

~ Personal development and  awareness

~ Alleviating food sensitivities (allergies).

~ Balancing most types of physical, emotional and structural pain.

~ Promoting clarity of thoughts and decision-making.

~ Helping you find your full potential and happiness.

 Every client who attends kinesiology is treated as an individual – because, after all, your imbalances will never be the same as someone else’s. Each balance is different, tapping into your own healing potential according to what is needed and best for you on the day. You, the client, are the key – only you and your body knows what is required for healing to take place. The kinesiologist’s role is to help facilitate the body into awareness and greater choice.