Skills 4 Daily Life E-Course

Taught online by Amanda Adey

I’m so excited to introduce my brand spanking new Skills 4 Daily Life E-Course.

For those of you who’ve attended one of my workshops or wanted to take this course as a workshop and haven’t had the chance to, this is the solution – a do-it-in-your-own-time e-course with lifetime access to all materials.

What’s it all about?

Perhaps you feel scattered. Tense. Overloaded. Overwhelmed. Anxious. Worried. In ‘panic mode’. Or simply unable to think straight. Maybe you experience these feelings all the time – and are desperate for solutions.

Skills 4 Daily Life E-Course offers just that: 7 powerful techniques you can easily learn and start putting into practice right away – whether you’re a teenager dealing with challenging situations at school or struggling to study, a mum coping with kids at home or a corporate worker stretched to the absolute limit.

What’s included?

+ Seven modules, each teaching you a simple, powerful technique
+ Instant access to our private Facebook page
+ Beautifully designed printables to keep you on track and inspired
+ Lifetime access to course materials, so you can study it at your own pace
+ All for one low price of $49

Sounds fab! Take me to the e-course now

You’ll complete the course with the tools to…

+ bring down your level of stress
+ increase your life energy
+ regain clarity / productivity
+ feel more balanced in stressful situations
+ be more connected with yourself
+ Feel integrated and grounded and able to respond not react to situations and thoughts

These skills are the best kind of self-help – no book or therapist required!

Giddy-up, let’s GO!

Amazing and simple techniques to recharge and relieve stress naturally.Plug yourself back into the universe-“YOU”- simple! Frank Lamacchia