E-Motion cards: a tool for greater self-awareness

E-Motion cards: a tool for greater self-awareness

How aware are you of your emotions? Do you find it easy to tap into how you’re feeling, and find answers to questions – big and small – which may pop up in your daily life? Do you feel your emotions lead you into stressful situations? And, perhaps shockingly, did you know that over 50 percent of illnesses we develop are stress-related?

It’s believed that most of our stress in our lives is related to unresolved emotional issues. Issues that, if we’re not conscious of them, can stimulate stress-related hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline.

As a kinesiologist, much of my work involves helping people resolve stress and teaching them to manage it effectively in their everyday lives. And I believe it’s a great idea for all of us to become conscious of our own emotional world and stresses. Why? Well, self-awareness is the key to establishing effective stress management techniques.

While emotions can activate stress responses in our mind and body, emotions also are a tool of building the life we want.

You may have heard the old saying that you attract what you project. Project negativity, and you’ll attract more of the same. Project joy, and you’ll draw more into your life. It’s the very essence of the Law of Attraction, which is based on The Law of Vibration. Positive energies attract positive energies and negative energies attract negative energies. It’s all about being conscious about the messages we’re sending out to the world from our inner self (our yin) and what comes back from the outer world (the yang).

Our thoughts are also cosmic waves of energy that penetrate all time and space. Thought is the most potent vibration, meaning you can attract to you what you want and wish for. Bottom line: you can alter your life just by altering your thoughts and emotions.

How to know where you’re at emotionally

Most of our emotions stem from our unconscious brain so we need a mechanism to be able to access what’s stored in our mind/body. And we can do that by using E-Motion cards. Throughout my work with many, many clients over the years, I’ve put together this pack of 50 of the most used emotions I find come up for those in my clinic. The cards are coloured-coded to the meridians and organs but you don’t need to know anything about that to use these successfully.

4 steps to use the E-Motion cards

Like you would pull a tarot or inspirational card you can tune into your emotions for the day on a topic or issue, problem or challenge that may be present for you in that moment. Once you’re aware about your feelings, you can make positive change. Emotions are just energy in motion and need to be felt to be moved on.

You may wish to just pick 1 or a few cards to reflect on about issues in your past, present or future. Choose a card for an outcome.

1. Tune into a question, issue and or area of your life you want some emotional awareness about.

2. Intuitively choose an E-Motion card. This may just feel right,  you may sense a card that feels right, or your intuition may tell you which card to choose.

3. Reflect and ask yourself what that may mean for you right now.

4. Tap into your ‘felt sense’ – a way of tapping into your gut feelings, your intuition, your sixth sense. Doing this helps you both honour and acknowledge your truth. It can be as easy as noticing, being present and being mindful. Once we become aware of how we feel we are conscious and in choice, which means we are able to respond to our surroundings. We can use felt sense to scan and find how we feel about ourselves and or a particular issue at hand. We can use this as an alternative to muscle testing and whole body testing (which is what we do in kinesiology). Everyone has innate wisdom and we encourage you to explore and develop this skill further. In doing so you will also learn to trust yourself more.

Other ways to use E-Motion cards

You may be a therapist looking for new ways to help their clients be aware of how they feel. Or, perhaps you’re a teacher and feel the cards may help the children in your classroom. They’re also a great way to start a family discussion around the breakfast or dinner table about how everyone’s day was or how they may be feeling. In short, E-Motion cards are ideal for anyone who wants to be more aware of themselves and how they are feeling.



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