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I'm Amanda,
a Melbourne-based
kinesiologist. I help
people live a happier,
more balanced life.

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How can kinesiology
help you? Let me
count the ways!


I teach everything from
stress management to
self-empowerment tools
you can use daily.

E-Motion cards

Use these cards to
help you find answers
to questions and issues
you may be facing.


I'm Amanda, a Melbourne-based kinesiologist. I help people live a happier, more balanced life.

Latest news

what's new auricfieldsKeen to learn some wonderful and powerful kinesiology and vibrational techniques to add to your self-care tool kit? You’re in luck! I’m running a few workshops this year.

May 2017-  27/28 May – 5 Element Fundamentals-2days

May 2017- Monday night 29th May -Skills 4 daily life

June 2017-Mastering your Mojo with Renee Giarrusso

Check out my new workshops and events page for full info, and don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter for updates on all my latest workshops, courses and other news.

Hope to see you there!

~ Kinesiology is the art and science of energy balancing. ~

Common issues I help clients with

Hormonal imbalances

Menstrual issues, problems with fertility / infertility, adrenal gland or thyroid concerns… all fall under the very wide scope of hormonal imbalances, which can be treated with kinesiology.

Mental health issues

Perhaps you suffer from anxiety or depression from time to time. Or maybe you’re keen to fix a phobia or case of OCD that’s been a problem in your life for a while. Talk to me about how I can help.

Stress / fatigue

Stress manifests in so many different ways, commonly affecting your sleep, moods or productivity. Kinesiology can effectively treat it, and I can teach you how to manage it.

Structural problems

Suffering from a sore neck, ongoing back issues, hip or shoulder pain? Kinesiology can tap into whether your structural issues might be stress related, helping to return you to a pain-free state.

Digestion issues

Do you suffer from bloating, wind, reflux, heartburn? Kinesiology can help isolate what’s behind your gut issues – be it nutrition-based or mental/emotional stresses.


Everyone has goals, but for some people it’s difficult to put those into practice. Kinesiology can assist in positive goal setting, breaking limiting belief patterns and help you create the life you want.


Coughing, sneezing, migraines, rashes and watery eyes can all be a sign you’re allergic to a food or other substance. Using muscle testing, we can isolate and clear the stress.

Kids / teens

I work with kids to help them through separation / divorce, learning difficulties, sporting issues, confidence problems, bullying, self worth. I specialise in working with sensitive kids and grounding them.


On the blog

  • E-Motion cards: a tool for greater self-awareness
    E-Motion cards: a tool for greater self-awareness

    How aware are you of your emotions? Do you find it easy to tap into how you’re feeling, and find answers to questions – big and small – which may pop up in your daily life? Do you feel your emotions lead you into stressful situations? And, perhaps shockingly,...

  • What to expect during a kinesiology session
    What to expect during a kinesiology session

    What do I need to bring? All you need to bring with you is an issue or goal you would like to work on so there is a focus for your session, and a willingness to make a change for the better in your life. For a kinesiology session to...

  • New help for singles ready to find love
    New help for singles ready to find love

    You think you’re ready to find love… but it just keeps eluding you. So I have a few questions for you. Do you know what you want? Do you feel worthy of it? Have you let go of the past? And most importantly, have you overcome your fears about...



All About Kinesiology

What my happy clients have to say

  • "Your sessions relax me"

    I always feel a sense of peace and clarity after leaving your sessions. I guess counseling is a kind of prodding technique where with kinesiology, I am always relaxed afterwards.
  • "Your kinesiology sessions were very beneficial to our relationship"

    After trying traditional methods of couple’s counselling I noticed a huge decrease in the stress levels after two sessions of kinesiology between my husband and I. One of the main differences I feel is that kinesiology addressed very quickly our own issues/ baggage that we were both bringing to the relationship and diffusing this was very beneficial. We were also able to balance ourselves to a common goal which again felt very positive and achievable. Amanda is exceptionally talented and has been very helpful in our relationship to date. I would not hesitate to recommend Amanda Adey to you for your relationships and continued success. My belief is if you have tried everything else then this is for you!
  • "You've helped so much with my thyroid"

    I was referred to Amanda Adey from my previous kinesiologist in mid-2011 as I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis – as Amanda also has this condition and has used kinesiology sucessfully to help heal herself and others. My health issues were triggered by PTSD and interestingly, we worked to resolve my past traumas in order to address the physical health issues. In early 2013, blood tests showed that my thyroid hormones and anti-bodies were all in the normal range! Since then I have been able to stop taking pharmaceutical medication and manage my condition with natural supplements. My appointments with Amanda have greatly assisted my physical and mental/emotional health. I love kinesiology so much, I'm now studying to become a kinesiologist myself.
    Amanda RobertsYoga teacher
  • "Love Amanda's Skype sessions!"

    I had my first kinesiology Skype session with Amanda this week, and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. I felt that Amanda was in tune with my body and mind just as much as when we are in the room together. We had a great session, after which I felt much more energised and relaxed. I loved the convenience of doing it from my own home, and the reduction in price 🙂 . I will definitely be doing some more Skype sessions with Amanda soon.
  • "Thanks for sorting out my fear of flying!"

    I live in Sydney so I don’t get to visit Amanda Adey as much as I would like, but the sessions I have had with her have been the best and most beneficial I have ever experienced. She has been unbelievable in helping me clear a range of long-standing anxieties including an extreme fear of flying. I still don’t understand how or why kinesiology works, but I wouldn’t give it up now for anything. It’s the first thing I turn to when everything in my life goes pear-shaped.

    Rachel MurphyJournalist, Sydney
  • "You fixed my skin issues!"

    Hey Amanda, I’m not sure what you did but the horrible rash I have on my back and stomach for 6 months on and off has not come back since your treatment last week. You are amazing! Thank you.