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Epigenetic Healing Cycles- Your DNA is not your destiny.

Brand new spanking ~
1 Day workshop
This K Power workshop is all about mental and emotional self care for individuals and families.
You get what you turn on, genes of healing and longevity or genes of cell decay.
The purpose of this workshop is to help reduce human suffering related to common universal fears, job stresses, relationship issues and life situations. By completing this course you will be able to provide mental and emotional self care for yourself, friends, family and clients.
The new epigentic science( Dr Bruce Lipton ) reveals that your perception controls your biology, therefore you are now placed in the driver seat to look at your perceptions, behaviours and belief systems. The new biology moves you out of victimhood and into self mastery. Mastery over your own health and wellness.In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to help reduce mental and emotional suffering related to universal fears, 8 major job stresses and 25 common relationship issues.
  • The basics of Epigenetics – the epigenome is in control of gene expression. You are not a victim.
  • 15 Epigenetic modulators you can use for good.
  • The power of the General Circulation of Energy.
  • 5 Energy Cycles including Resilience (STPs), Vesuvius (TRVs), and Self-Soothing & Calming.
  • To clear subconscious murmurs of past traumas.
  • The power of putting your client in the driver’s seat.

You are not responsible for the programming your picked up in childhood. However as an adult, you are 100 % responsible for fixing it.

Come and join professional kinesiologist Amanda Adey and Melinda Vincent ( hosting) in this self empowering 1 day fun, interactive self care workshop.

Provided on the day:

Morning and afternoon tea, manual and certificate.

Limited places – reserve yours now! 

$250 GST

Date ~2018 dates to be advised




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