Skills for Daily Life Workshop

kinesiology_workshops_white_on_blueHands up if you ever feel scattered, tense, overloaded, overwhelmed, anxious, worried, disempowered or just unable to think straight?

Put two hands up if you feel like this all the time.

The good news is, you’re not alone. The better news is, I can teach you quick, simple and effective techniques to use when feeling stressed, out of control or just out of balance. Techniques that work to bring you back to a state of balanced, centred calm. Where your focus is clear and you feel empowered and energised again. (Instead of wanting to go and hide under your duvet for a month.)

My Daily Skills workshop is all about teaching, empowering and helping people tap into these techniques – and the great thing is, they’re universal. These skills can be applied in any situation and used by anyone, whether you’re a teenager dealing with challenging situations at school, a mum coping with kids at home or a corporate worker stretched to the absolute limit.

These situations all serve up different challenges, sure, but the results can be the same: chronic stress, anxiety, sadness, imbalances in the brain and energy centres and generally feeling out of sorts.

At my workshop, you’ll learn:

  • What is energy? And how does it affect you in your daily life?
  • The wellness scale. Think health care versus energy medicine.
  • Switching on your brain. This technique switches on and integrates the brain leading to clear awareness, focus, co-ordination and mental acuity.
  • Stress release points. Learn essentialy acupressure points to hold to reduce stress and shift energy.
  • Hook up. This technique restores balance to the core of your body, assists daydreaming and calms an overwrought mind. Also helps pain levels, high blood pressure, insomnia and depression.
  • Activate your thinking cap. Learn how it helps to relax neck and shoulder pain, correct posture, enhance listening skills, thinking skills, short term memory and concentration.
  • Whole body testing. A self auditing technique to gain feedback on your own body’s needs and requirements and way to find out from your inner self what you need to correct that issue or daily imbalance.

You’ll leave the workshop armed with the tools to…

  • bring down your level of stress
  • regain clarity / productivity
  • feel more balanced in stressful situations
  • be more connected with your environment
  • be more aware of your energy field and other people’s.

This is a fun, hands-on workshop, where we learn and implement techniques as we go.


Monday 29th May


1A Riddle Pde, Elsternwick, vic

Cost $120.00 GST includes take home manual