New help for singles ready to find love

New help for singles ready to find love

You think you’re ready to find love… but it just keeps eluding you. So I have a few questions for you. Do you know what you want? Do you feel worthy of it? Have you let go of the past? And most importantly, have you overcome your fears about actually being single?

Sometimes, when we’re single for a long time, or have bounced from bad relationship to bad relationship, being alone can feel comfortable. We might resist stepping out of our comfort zone – or actually sabotage ourselves in a variety of different ways when we do meet potential partners.

Dating with the wrong mindset, or when you have deeply entrenched patterns of behaviour can end in disaster (because you either choose the wrong people or behave in ways that can end potentially good relationships before they’ve even gotten off the ground).

If that sounds familiar, and you’d like to move forward with a clean slate, you might benefit from my Single and Ready package, where I team up with holistic counsellor and relationship coach Frank La Macchia.

We’ve created a breakthrough experience package for singles who are ready to meet their ideal partner, and it’s based on a book to be released later in 2016.

Single and Ready reveals five distinctive principles necessary in having a fulfilling relationship. Each principle has been endorsed by professional experts in the field of Psychology, Metaphysics and Relationship Counselling. You’ll also benefit from my kinesiology skills which effectively tap into the body-mind connection and conscious/subconscious blocks holding you back.

Sessions involve:

  1. Uncovering hidden challenges which may be sabotaging you
  2. Figuring out why you keep experiencing relationship déjà vu (ie, when every relationship you’re in just seems to end in similar ways or follow similar trajectories)
  3. The need to energetically clear and defuse old patterns of behaviour
  4. Reprogramming your mindset to create positive new foundations.

You’d benefit from Single and Ready if…

  • You’re serious and committed to having a conscious relationship.
  • You want to look at your relationship history and tweak things; figure out why you attract the people you do, or fix issues within yourself holding you back from having the ideal relationship you want.
  • You’re recently single and want to clear past blockages/hurts or enhance future positive expectations of themselves and their worth.
  • You’re single and confused, single and undervaluing yourself, single and scared, single and stuck, single and unsettled.

To learn more about our group sessions, please contact either Amanda Adey on 0407 516 921 or Frank LaMacchia on 0414 503 023.

I'm a Melbourne-based kinesiologist helping people live a happier, more balanced life.