18 reasons you might need kinesiology

18 reasons you might need kinesiology

If you believe your thoughts and perceptions can’t really influence the life you live, think again. To create a reality you’re happy with, and one that’s helping you fulfil your dreams and meet your goals, you need a positive, focused mindset, too.

Kinesiology can help shine a spotlight onto the life you’re creating for yourself, and assist you in making positive choices. In doing this, you can change your reality and embrace a happier future where achieving your goals becomes more effortless.

18 reasons to consider a kinesiology session…

1/ You feel lost, stuck, uncertain or indecisive

2/ You’re unwell or suffering mental, emotional or physical fatigue

3/ You’re experiencing setbacks and disappointments

4/ You’re recovering from injury and/or health issues

5/ Important issues in your life have been stirred up

6/ You’re suffering from a lack of motivation

7/ You’re experiencing relationship difficulties

8/ You’re unable to let go of emotions such as anger, fear, sadness or pain

9/ You suffer from allergies, intolerances or addictions

10/ You need help with educational learning difficulties

11/ You have hormone-related or mood-related issues

12/ Negative thought cycles dominate your life

13/ You suffer from digestive issues

14/ You’re plagued by phobias or anxieties you can’t fix

15/ You question who you are and where you’re going in life

16/ You’re not achieving your goals and wonder why

17/ You want to cure chronic health symptoms and feel well again

18/ You dream of performing beyond your present reality.

Who can we work on?

Kinesiology can help anyone, from infants to young kids, adults, the elderly and even animals. Anyone can be worked on, and a good kinesiologist can even perform surrogate sessions for others with their permission.

How many sessions will you need?

Some clients use kinesiology to deal with one particular issue, moving on once the issue is resolved. Others use it as on-going maintenance or tune-up. It’s important to allow at least three sessions to unfold. Nothing is a quick fix in life and there are layers in the body.

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